How do I request police services?

You may contact the Police Department at 717-274-2510 for all NON-EMERGENCY request for police services and leave your name, phone number, and a brief message, but there may be a delay in a response to your call do to the officer being out on patrol or handling calls. If you have an EMERGENCY DIAL 911, or call the Lebanon County Police Dispatch at 717-272-2054 to request to speak with an officer, or to request a police response.


How do I respond to a traffic or non-traffic citation?

When you receive either citation you have 10 days to respond to that citation. Failure to respond to a citation could result in an arrest warrant being issued for your arrest and PENN DOT may suspend your drivers license.


Below is the District Judge for the Borough of Cleona

District: 52-3-04
Magisterial District Judge: Honorable John Ditzler
Address: 138 West Walnut Street
P.O. Box 2012
City: Cleona
State, Zip Code: PA 17042
Phone: 717-273-0885


What do I do if I get a Parking Ticket?

Parking tickets are issued under the authority of either Borough Ordinances or the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, Title 75, for parking restrictions in certain places. Currently, there is no formal process or procedure to contest a parking ticket, however if you fail to respond to an parking ticket within 72 hours of the issue date, the issuing officer may withdraw the ticket and file a traffic citation which may cost you more than $106.00 instead of the $15.00 for the initial parking ticket.

The most common parking offenses include but are not limited to parking the wrong direction, double parking, parking in a crosswalk, parking too close to a fire hydrant, parking too close to an intersection or stop sign, and blocking a private driveway.

Parking ticket payments may be mailed to the Police Department or dropped off in person.


How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

It is the policy of the Cleona Borough Police Department to comply with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Right to Know Act (Act 100 of 2002), 65 P.S. Sections 66.1 66.9. It is also the policy of the department to comply with the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Title 18 Section 9101, The Criminal History Record Information Act which prohibits the release of law enforcement information to non-law enforcement personnel or entities.

Non-Public Records - are defined by Title 65, Section 66.1, sub-paragraph 2 of Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes, and the non-public records of the department would include but not be limited to:
1. reports of all complaints and investigations
2. police procedures, rules and regulations
3. monthly and annual reports
4. personnel records
5. administrative records


How do I obtain a copy of a crash (accident) report?

Only persons directly involved in a traffic crash (accident) will receive a copy of the report. Borough Council has passed an ordinance requiring a fee of $15.00 dollars for copies of accident reports. Contact the Police Department to get a copy.


Insurance companies can obtain copies of crash reports by going to


How do I obtain a Criminal History Record?

The Cleona Borough Police Department does not release or perform Criminal History Record Checks, however you may use the following link to access the Pennsylvania State Police web site and for a fee, you may request a Criminal History Record online.

You may also go to the PD FORMS page and fill out the Request for Criminal Record Check form and mail to the address located on the form.

PSP Criminal History Request


How do I find out if there are any registered sex offenders in my neighborhood?

You may access the Pennsylvania State Police sex offender web site by using the link below.
Megan's Law Web Site

Megan's Law Web Site


Is it legal to ride a motorized scooter or a motor scooter on a street or sidewalk in the Borough?

The answer is no. The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code classifies both a motor scooter and a motorized scooter as a 'motor vehicle'. To be driven on the highways and roadways of the Commonwealth, a motor vehicle must be registered, titled, inspected, insured and the driver of a motor vehicle must possess a valid driver's license.

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